Ifugao Philippines

Meet the Natives

Try traditional Ifugao Dancing

From $490.-- 5 days includes transfers from Manila, accommodation, tours

Marquesas French Polynesia

Meet the Artists

Walk in the footsteps of Paul Gauguin

Native America

Meet the Indians

Welcome to Native America

From $1,590.-- 14 days Indian Country includes hotels and local car hire


Meet the Rocks

Visit Hopi lands, travel through Monument Valley and admire the Grand Canyon...

From $1,990.-- 10 days, accommodation, transfers and tours


Meet the Mountains

Discover Taiwan

From $445.-- 3-Day tour to Sun Moon Lake & Alishan

Sri Lanka

Meet the Elephants

Discover Sri Lanka

From $2,145.-- 14 days Sri Lanka Classic Round Journey


Meet the Orang Utans

Discover Borneo

From $1,455.-- 8 days Wildlife Wonderland Adventure

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